This year at the start of December thousands of individuals, companies and not for profits across the UK will come together to support charitable campaigns and raise awareness of the importance of contactless giving.

Contactless giving has been adopted by thousands of charities and non-profit in the last few years and the pandemic has accelerated the need for this technology.


The UK was fast becoming a cashless society pre-COVID and now the UK public is even more reluctant to use or even carry cash. Cash donations have declined over the last 12 months- only 38% of donors gave with cash in 2020, compared to 51% the previous year.  This trend continued into 2021 despite the gradual removal of restrictions with as little as 7% of donors using cash in January 2021, compared to 30-40% in a typical January, and only 18% giving with cash in August 2021. (Charities Aid Foundation, UK Giving Report 2021)

There are now thousands of contactless donation devices throughout the UK including cafes, shops, museums, places of worship, train stations and many other locations.